Worship God as a family with us every Sunday starting at 11am.

We gather for worship in the Charleston United Happy People Church Discipleship Center (2nd Floor).

What can you expect when you arrive?

When you arrive at our facilities you will find several buildings (simultaneous to the service in Spanish there are two services in English). Look for the signs that locate the Discipleship Center where the Service is held in Spanish. You may park in assigned areas or around the Church.

Happy People are full of human warmth. We seek through hospitable gestures that each person feels like a family. The welcoming atmosphere lends itself to building fraternity and praising God in good times and bad.

Every Sunday we start the service with Praises. Next we have the moment of The Word with a relevant message for daily life. Every fifteen days we celebrate happy days to commemorate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each service is accompanied by moments of Prayer and occasionally by Special Celebrations.

A Fresh Start